Welcome to ELK City

An Immersive Practice In Global Citizenship

👋 A Virtual City?

ELK City is an imaginary place with real creatures in it. We have humans, aliens, and talking lamas. Create your own avatar with your own story. And then, explore our global city and meet fellow citizens. 


🤷🏻 What Happens In ELK City?

We chat, we meet online, and co-create!

Essentially a big practice in improvisation, role-play and English (if this is not your first language). The limit here is your fantasy, which means there are no limits.

👩‍💻 Clubhouse, Notion, Connect.Club, and VR friendly

As citizens of a virtual city we use the best tools for communication and collaboration. We push the limits and explore the unknown.

🚣🏻 Learning By Doing

Many people come to ELK City just to hang out and have fun, but the game also allows you to practice marketable soft skills. Our focus is on skills of the future: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creative thinking, and compassion. For example, in ELK City you can:

  • expand your global network 
  • build an exciting community
  • master your language and communication skills
  • practice using the latest tools in online collaboration
  • perfect your pitch
  • level up your debate and critical thinking skills
  • live an alternative life in a world of imagination